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Sales Management Training with Don McNamara on Linked In
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Sales Management Training with expert sales coach Don McNamara
sales training with expert sales coach Don McNamara

Heritage Associates are full-service sales consultants, sales training and sales coaching trusted advisors. CEO & Founder Don McNamara combines more than 30 years sales experience from the field level to executive sales management in both small, entrepreneurial companies, as well as divisions of Fortune firms. He has over 11 years experience as a sales consultant and expert sales witness.

This national speaker and writer has educated audiences on the art and science of superior sales and management, as well as sales business development for more than three decades.

Heritage Core Competencies

You Receive Added Value Through:

  • Reduced Turnover in Your Sales Force through a Best Team Targeted Sales Personality Assessment, Abilities and Personality Profile
  • Propelled Sales Force Sales Skills, Sales Effectiveness and Sales Performance
  • Maximized Sales Force Team Sales
  • Optimized Sales Business Development
  • Increased Revenues and Profit Margins Through Significantly Improved Sales Force Productivity

Our sales consulting provides cost-effective and practical solutions designed to:

  • Dramatically Increase Team Sales and Total Company Sales and Profit
  • Accelerate Sales Manager Development
  • Coordinate Business Sales Strategy and Planning
  • Provide Maximum ROI for: Sales Training and Sales Management Training
  • Sales Coaching for Sales and Management Professionals

Mission Statement

Mission: spacer - Sales management Training Assist clients to build sales & order volume that meets and exceeds sales and revenue goals.

Vision: To be an internationally recognized provider of superior consulting, training and coaching services specifically centered on "Delivering Sales Performance and Revenue Optimization in the Real Worldsales management training" to our clients. To be acknowledged by clients and customers alike that Heritage Associates provides exceptional value for its products and services.

Philosophy: Improved effectiveness leads to improved productivity. Improved productivity results in increased revenue.

Legacy: To leave our clients with an improved self sustaining program for continuous Return on Investment.

Methodology: Systems, policies, procedures and processes, coupled with effective training and development are the foundation for near and long term sales and management performance improvement.

"Delivering Sales Performance & Revenue Optimization in the Real World
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